Domestic violence allegation

Hi My Brother (now stay Bangalore) got married in Dec 2013 to a girl (from Faridabad). It was an arrange marriage and since beginning of three month she started creating issues with family. As our family belong to middle class and this marriage was done through our Guruji, our family has been down to earth. And after marriage within 6 months problems started emerging such as she had been complaining to hire a maid, asking my brother often to take her to shopping or take her out on a daily basis, which he used to do. However, she has been brainfeeded by her mother for separating my brother with my mom & Dad, as they all stay together. Now its two year and they have a child, and issues have gone beyond boundaries. My Brother Wife's family is now been threatening my brother to file domestic violence case against him, when her intention to live separately away from parents, failed. As i have been staying out of india for over 4 years now. And since my parents are staying with my brother. It appear my marriage fueled this incident, as me and my wife are staying abroad. And my Brother's wife at the back of her mind wanted to separate my brother from parents. And started her tantrum to create conflicts at home. She visited faridabad to attend her brother marriage along with daughter with plan not to return. Probably they had been seeking legal advice and creating evidence whenever she returned from faridabad. Its now after three month, my brother's in-law started threatening my brother for filing Domestic violence case against him and also they made call from a some local goon in faridabad. Can you please advise, as it appear that my Brother's inlaws are trying to misuse the domestic violence act and my brother is worried on these issues. what action or recourse we can take in this situation. Regards, Ravi Dubai