Dear Sir, We are five sister no brother. We all are married. My father gives everything to my 4 sister at their marraige and marraige also done verywell but they dont give me single paise at my marraige only gives me 2 to 3 pair of cloths. I am on second number and after me third number sister lived with them with her husband and 2 son of 13 and 16 years old. My father have properties which are as below 1) Temple in which there is no trust and no agreement or document of it. 2) Aproximately 3 acre land which market price is nearly 25lk My question is that of land which is on my grandfathers name and my father is in processe to change the ownership of it on his, my mother and my 3rd sisters husband name. My father also a sister who dies 4 years ago and his sister also a son (married). is it possible to change ownership without death certificate and permission of her son? Is It possible for me to claim my part before ownership change or after ownership change? They are in hurry to sell it. Please give me advice as early as possible on my Email [deleted]. Yours Obliged Ashwini