Medical negligence

Dear sir, I lost my mother last week. She was admitted in a hospital for a minor surgery but because of anesthesia she got cardiac arrest. The doctor who provided anesthesia is BAMS so he is not authorized to do so. Hospital hired her. So how can I file a medical negligence case. I have all the medical documents. Further is it is necessary to file a police complain and if I have to do so against whom I should file complain the concern hospital or doctor who had given the anesthesia. Some one also tell me that it is necessary to have a note from another doctor that it is negligence than only court accept the case. I had consulted few doctors,they had confirmed that the death is because of anesthesia but no one willing to give it in written because the doctor is senior most of the city. so now what can I do. More on can I directly appeal to state forum instead going through the district forum, and what should to be ideal compensation amount.I lost my father very log ago. My mother is the sole earner of the family she is government employee and aged 44 at the time of death . So help me in this regard.