Harassment by broker and builder.

Our family need your help. We are facing troubles and harassment from last 3 and half years because of a broker and builder. A brokerage firm approched my father in 2012 with an investment scheme in Gurgaon. It lured us for a return of Rs. 1-2 lac on a pre-launch project in Sector 70A, Gurgaon on an investment of Rs. 10 lac. They convinced us to pay the money in cash as per the broker it will help in selling the flat quickly. After this initial investment as market was down they forced my father to make a payment of more than Rs. 30 lac(till now) by threatening him of forfeiting the money. We can't pay more and now broker is denying the payment received and builder is replying that all the money is from adjustment which was brokerage fee due to broker. But we have receipts from Builder.We made a payment to Broker, which it didn't submit to Builder. Instead, builder had adjusted the payment which was due to broker from its side to our flat without our consent and permission which we later realized in 2013 when receipts were generated. We made the payment in 2012. Can two companies make any such transaction without our consent? Also, now these companies are claiming that if we had any problem about such transaction then we should have told them. But they had threatened us of loosing money and it is only after seeing my father's condition I am forced to take this step. As my father had to undergo two major heart operations after the broker threatened him and denied the payment received in 2014. The little knowledge we gain in these 2-3 troubled years of our family, suggests us that the above transaction was made to save the income tax of the broker. As it was supposed to be income of broker from brokerage fee.Is above method a regular way of transacting? We have heard that there are so many cases of similar nature like this are already registered against the broker at Economic Offense Wing, Gurgaon where they lured the customers and convinced them to pay in cash and then denied the payment received. There was also a news about a fraud of Rs. 75 lakh by this broker in Times of india as well. Broker is now claiming that we didn't make any payment to them. It is infact his firm, who gave us a loan of Rs. 21 lac to make the purchase. Can a company give loan to borrower without the borrower's knowledge or signature? Can a company make any loan entry to its record books like this? Broker is also claiming to give me a sum of Rs. 6.7 lac which I didn't receive in any of my account. They have also deducted a TDS of Rs. 70k from this amount. It was our money which they made the Builder to adjust in flat from their due amount. TDS was actually liable on Brokerage Firm as they adjusted their brokerage fee to our flat. Sir we are in real trouble as it was all what we had.