This is followup question

All answers from three advocates sent to me no use for me. As per your e-mail, I am sending herein brief contents of FIR and my defence. Please cite exact rulings. In the complaint registered, it is alleged that on the day of incident six formed unlawful assembly and assaulted the deceased with different weapons. specific overt act are attributed to each accused to rope in more accused and further eye-witnesses are planted. In the first complaint only three persons accused of offence, and eye-witness were different. That, first complaint is suppressed. In the cross examination of PW-1 he admitted that, first complaint was given by Mr. X. My defence is in original complainant which was filed by Mr X is of real facts. In the subsequent complainant falsely included more accused and eye-witnesses. Therefore accused are to be acquitted. There are rulings of supreme court and High court of Karnataka on this point, but now I am not getting these rulings at this time. May I request you give me rulings on this point.