I need a divorce

Hi! I got married around 1.4 years back. My wife is living with her parent since last 7 months. She left my house after verbal fights and to satisfy the ego of her parent. She was pregnant at the time of leaving home. Now she gave a birth to a child in july 2016. I tried my best to take her back. After she left me. But she did not came back and put a false complaint in CAW Cell against me and my family. In complaint she has put useless things upon my mother that she taunt her. No direct dowry or physical harassment put in the complaint. I have clearly understand that my in-laws and wife are anti-social elements and they dont know how to behave, talk or live properly. In the meanwhile i sent my wife a Section 9 notice (as my lawyer suggested me to do that). As time passes and things not improving so i have fully made my mind to take a separation from my wife. My father is retired and on pension. I am currently not working anywhere. I need a guidance that how can i get rid of this relationship without giving much compensation to my wife. And what steps would i follow legally? I heared that if a husband ask for a divorce than he has to pay a lot of compensation. I need a detailed and brief suggestions from you. Kindly help me as i am veryy frustrated and worry about future. Thank you