Guilty of slapping my wife, what will be the worse case

Hi, before you could judge me as a bad husband, I would like to say, I have treated my wife as my own kid, I loved her so much. I treated her like a queen. But ofcouse at times (3 or 4 times) we got into heated arguments and have slapped her out of anger. Immediately had apologized and (shamefully) fell on her feet asking for forgiveness. But she never loved me as i loved her., she had always been listening to her parents, she wanted to live with her parents more than 2 months, and when I showed my disapproval, she just left me. Once she left, her brother called me and tricked me into admitting that I slapped her. Also he has Text message evidence where I admitted that i slapped her. Our relationship didn't work out. But they threaten me that they will file DV and attempt murder case if i go for divorce. I didn't hit her brutally, or she never even had bruise. It was not serious, but they project it as if I tortured her. I am an NRI, they threaten to destroy my career and visa. They have only audio and text evidence. But no doctor's certificate or it was never recorded in police station. Please suggest on how serious is this issue ?