Cancel marriage after engagement

Hi, I am from Manglore, we have different tradition in marriage. below is the series of steps we went through. 1. Myself with my mom,my sister and my aunt went to see bride. all are ok with girl and we decided for pre-engagement ceremony ( we call it as bride seeing ceremony). 2. Jan 2 with some of my family and along with my mom and sis went again for bride-seeing ceremony. total 15 including myself attend this function. during this function i have her gold and dress material for her as gifts. 3. after one week, none of the our family members didnt like her and we decided to cancel the egagement and marriage, and I called them i informed it. Now they have good hold on this politicians and have some money. if they have filed police complaints what will be implications I have to face ? And how can I overcome this ? I never insisted them for dowry. I spoke to her only once when we visited their house first time that to for maximum 2 min. i Never called her, no contacts at all. Please help me in this.