My wife had charge125 CRPC and threatening everyone for further

I m working a Merchant Naval Officer. My marriage finished just 2.5 years and I had a kid of 8 months. Now due to my job I am at home like 3 months and 3 months at job which is in sea. Due to multi nationality of crew onboard we need to maintain the dignity and professionalism and need to talk to everyone. Now while getting down recently in the month of September I had exchanged my contact details one one of the lady officer from UK. This was seen by my wife and she got full scenario in her mind by her father that guys in merchant navy are not trustworthy. Now she had fight and forcing me to accept that I m having affairs with that girl. I had bought a bungalow on joint with my wife and bought a car and gifted to my wife on her birthday on Sep 5 th 2015.... She is B.Sc Nursing and presently on payroll from job due to pregnancy. Now her father had brain washed her completely and tried to get her in the direction of court. Even I had tried calling her somewhere in restaurant to give her some amount safe for her and child but she told we will meet u in court only. And at present since 3 months she is at her parents house. I don't understand we had live marriage I am North Indian and she is South Indian and we had a good marriage. Now everybody in her family is blaming me for no reason like u make my girl sit at home.... Who told u to plan for baby and who told u to buy this much big car and house no all craps ????? Now finally she filled CRPC 125 against me and I hope if I m correct she will be worst as per her dad advice ... What can I do in this case ....???? Also she don't wanted to live with my dad and mom .., my dad is still earning all the day she and my mom are alone at home no brother but one sister is there she is even married and at her husband place interference ..... No we had shifted back to old house and new one is empty..... As I m considered as NRI due to profession ... She threatens me of cancelling my visa and passport ... Tell me something to avoid this and what if I do t wang to live with this anymore for safe future of my and my parents ????