Wife suffering with schizophrenia

Sir, My wife is suffering with schizophrenia since 2008. I have grown up children age 16 and 11. she is under continuous medication since 2008, some times she refuses medicine. Problem is with my in laws when ever she is in trouble they will never cooperate with me they keep asking a lot questions to their daughter and she keep on saying nonsense. This thing occurs every after 5 months. every time i need to prove my innocence. Luckiest part is that my children are with me they keep saving me in odd situations. she is best wife when she is normal , that time no one asks questions. during her bad time she will listen to her parents only. Me and my children are suffering. when ever she come backs to normal after few shock therapy, she wont recollect what ever she said . again my days goes on smoothly. At this stage I dont know what I am supposed to do. please advice me for any legal assistance. at last I dont want to go for divorce because she is very good wife. Thanking you