Cheated in love

Sir, I am a married man in hyderabad (Hindu) and had an extensive love affair with a married woman (christian) since last two years. Both of us committed to each other to take divorce from current spouse and get married in due course of time. She had gone ahead and appraised my wife about the whole episode, six months back, and destroying my family life. Based on her requirement I had spent lot of money on her for her family, career uplift-ment and other needs which will be close to 7 lacs, however bank transfer record is only for 5 lacs. When her time came to initiate divorce to her present spouse, she reversed her decision and cut all relations with me. I have understood her intentions. Now i want to go legal against her to get back my money and also expose her in the society and her family, so that she does not do such a thing with others and other's family. I am suffering from deep mental depression and agony. She had been cheating her husband since last 10 years, having other affairs. But her husband is a very spineless character, earning very small money and living on wife's earnings. So he is staying silent. I have proof of all these and our affair vide all the email exchanges and gmail chat records we had. How much successful do you think I will be if I go legal? My wife is ready to support me in this. Please respond.