Torture by wife

Sir, I am from Bangladesh. I am a denral surgeon.I got married on 2010 when I was student. Before marriage I talked 6 month with my wife. But after marriage she is completely a different person. Though it was arranged marriage her family neglected me different ways as I was student. She get hot tempered for sily sily things. Every time I tried to I keep quite and calm. Because no other option was there for me. She seems a psycho. She doesn't afraid about divorce infact if I do that she will be happy. But due to social reason I couldn't do that. She is studying BSC in architecture in a costly private university. Her study is continuing my family. Her aim is after finishing study she will decide about divorce. Because her father has no ability right now to continue such a costly education. We have a child of three month. It also not a matter for her to think about diverse. She has no respect to my parents. She threatens me several time to file case against me in court. And as a women she will get all benefit. She also said that she will finish my carrier. One important thing she has no fair of loosing life. When she get hot tempered she become crazy and tries to get harm physically by herself, as she tried 2 times suicide attempt. She takes all the ornaments in her fathers house which I gave her in marriage. As we are Muslim our den mohor was 3 lakh taka. For her education we allready given 4 lakh taka. So if she get divorce from me she will be benefited about 12-15 lac taka. So I can I do now to protection myself I don't to break our marriage.