Not getting Property share

We have five brother and me as one sister. My Father have Two flats and Two shop in Mumbai (santacruz-w). After father's death in 2012 assets get divided between my brother and me in january 2015. (At that time also all 5 brother r not ready to give my share as i am girl.) . in which two flats are alloted to two brothers. in one shop two brothers were alloted. and in another shop me and my younger brother were alloted property share. Because I am living in Bangalore, so my younger brother takes care of shop.I have given him Power of Attroney. The shop is on rent . per month 24 thousand rupess is coming from rent which my younger brother is taking.he told me that he has to give debt thats why i have given my share of money to him for 6 months.and now when i am asking him for my share of rent he is not giving. He intimidates me with Threats.he is telling u don't have any share in this property, he is telling he will call gram panchayat and insult me in front of them. I have all records of all these in my mobile.i recorded everything. 1) what should i do now, so that i will get my share of rent in my property.? 2) which document proof i have to submit for this. 3) I live in Bangalore and i don't want to go mumbai again and again as he is very terrible man. how can i do all process from distance so that i become safe. 4)If i wanted to sell my property share. How would i do that. Plz guide me and help me as i am in urgent need of it.