Cancellation of marriage before happening engagement & marriage

I want to know that is there any problem or legal action possible on boy's side if boy's side has to cancel the marriage before any ceremony of engagement and marriage. marriage was fixed by both families and whole expense was to be born by boy's family as girl's family shown their incapacity to spend money on marriage. all bookings were made by boy's side. marriage and all other functions like haldi,engagement were going to be held at boy's residence & nearby places. and this was acceptable to girl's family. no gifts are exchanged by both family except pair of clothes as a token of fixing marriage. boy finds girl's behavior suspicious and girl's parents also behave with boy's family in very abusive manner including girl. girl blackmailed boy and always keep forcing boy to deny to marry and at last boy's side deny to marry by saying in simple words. what legal actions can girl's side take in this situation and what should be the defense from boy's side. please guide in this situation is there any scope for legal help to boy's side to recover the expenses incurred or to avoid such false harassment. point to be noted : no physical relationship has taken place between boy and girl.