Parking allotment

Dear Sir, Our apartment has a total of 16 flats. The building plan has different numbers mentioned against each parking space in the basement. Each of the owners are having a number mentioned in their registered deed, identified as their owned parking space. When i registered my flat, there were 6 designated parking spaces left outside of the basement and under a high tension electrical wire. Since i refused to take an open under the sky parking, the promoter then allotted me an empty space in the basement, which was not shown as a parking space in the original building plan. While registering my flat, my lawyer however identified and marked this place separately as my parking space in the part drawing and my promoter signed it as well. Now, my questions are, 1. Can the promoter mark different parking spaces under the roof and can allot them to individual owners as their sole property/parking? 2. The place that i've marked in my deed, signed by the promoter and have registered it as my owened parking space, is a valid parking owned by me? I would really appreciate if you can please clear these doubts.