Temporary Ex Parte Injunction order taken by tenant

Dear Sir, I have a residential property in Hubli Karnataka. I reside in Bangalore. My tenant (a Muslim) has not been paying rent for more than six months. When I went to terminate the rental agreement he said that he has paid up rent in advance for three years in cash to a common acquaintance. He showed an agreement signed between him and the acquaintance. The acquaintance was not acting under my instructions nor did he have a Power of Attorney to act on my behalf. The acquaintance is now at large. The tenant has now taken a Temporary ex parte Injunction order from Hubli Court. I have not received the copy of the injunction order by registered post or by any other means. I contacted a local Advocate who retrieved the copy of the said Injunction order. He sent a notice to the tenant to vacate the premises as he defaulted in paying the rent which was returned as Addressee not found. Despite the Temporary Injunction order, the tenant has now locked up the property and moved to another house in Hubli. He has not received any of the notices that my advocate has sent. At this point: pl advise 1) if I can occupy the property? 2) How do I retrieve my rent? 3) the tenant has done alterations to the property without permission Can I retrieve the money for the damages? Rgds Pradeep