Intolerable behavior from harassing using wrong allegations

From the 3rd day of marriage she used to steal Large cash & related articles from our family safe in home & repeated such activity 4-5 times & on opposing such activity she used to threaten us from her parents who are in the police & also threatening by suing us on the base of 498a ipc or by means of suicide attempts (by cutting though shaving blade and drinking pehnyl). we never demanded or taken something from them or dowry what was given is as per their will, we have asked girls mother to help us to deal with the situation, but instead of helping she used to support the girl for her wrong giving the excuses that if we dont give her money to spent what will she do instead of stealing on the other hand we have fullfilled all the demands made by girl in any way, recently she and her mother asked to get seperated from my parent, still her family is making pressure on me and my family, she cut her left hand from shaving blade which was repeated several times, some time before they are asking for the divorce but want us to file the divorce in order get alumni money from us. It is becoming very difficult to tolerate themplease advice some help.