Divorce for gulf nri

I am a Gulf NRI on leave in India. My wife has now filed a court petition for divorce under 13(1)(1a). In the case she has cited untrue allegations like dowry harassment from my mother and non-fulfillment of marital commitments against me as a husband. It is true that we got to live together for limited time only in the past 3 years (when I come on annual leave every year). But I have been sincere to her- even daily phone calls and text mgs.It is also true that she did not get along with my mother and always wanted to go and stay with her parents. After she got a govt bank job, she has been staying with her parents for the past 1 ½ year citing travelling difficulties. She had initially approached me for joint divorce,then backtracked. The court has set the first hearing date of 14 July 2014 but i would not be able to attend as my leave finishes on 30th June 2014. My Mother is 75 years old and is a heart patient; she is not in position to run the case in my absence. Also I had lent her family a lot of money as help. We had spent a lot of money on her for education i.e. (coaching classes for Bank Entrance Exam).I want to recover these and the ornaments I had given her for the marriage ceremony -wedlock etc. I had approached later for MCD and ask for the return of my belongings.. Her lawyer says he will deal with me in court. Would be much obliged if you could provide any guidance in these matters.