Mutual consent divorce

Hi. I have filed in a joint application with my spouse for mutual consent divorce in the family court. We filed it 4 months post marriage and since then we have been living separately. Before that as well we lived separately under 1 roof as our marriage was not consummated and the fact is clearly mentioned in our application. We have been called by the court next month on next date now as - we had not completed 1 year of marriage at the time of submission of the application. My issue is it has been almost 8.5 months since I am staying with my parents and he with his and it was never a marriage as he never gave me the rights of a wife and his family supported him in his torturous behaviour towards me. I have a strong doubt that he has some physical complications which I couldn't prove because he (being a lawyer himself) blamed me of not allowing him to consummate the marriage.Thus my family opted for mutual as he said contested would take years plus if we ask for his potency test, I will also have to undergo a virginity test and a potency test and the lawyers would question me and my family and make it all very dirty. Since my parents and I do not know law technicalities, we agreed for mutual consent wherein we only took my clothes, furniture and gold (all given by my parents) and I returned their Gold, clothes and everything. Now, I want to know that - 1) How Can I get rid of this legal stamp on my life as the relation is already dead. 2) Will we be given a 6 months cooling off period too? If yes, then that will be again injustice to me by the court of law as well. **Section 13B and 14 have been mentioned in our application. **an agreement on stamp paper (his suggestion) for no claims in future also attached. Please guide