HOw to obtain Divcorce Decree

Dear Sir, Me and my Wife applied for a Mutual consent and court has dissolved our marriage legally as on 3rd June 2014. The first petitioner was my Wife and we had just one advocate to help us through the process. However i took the responsibility of paying the entire Lawyer Fees, which initially was 20000 and later the person demanded additional 2500, which i obliged as well. Now when i am asking the Lawyer to provide me the original copy of the Divorce, she is further demanding extra 3000 saying that its for court and other copy charges. I asked for receipt and she says this has to be paid for different people as i bribe. I don't want to go through this Advocate as i don't want to pay bribe to anyone and moreover she has already taken more money then it actually cost( we just appeared thrice in front court, there was no settlement , no counter argument and everything was just sign and proceed). Can you please let me know , how to obtain the copy myself and what is the process. We reside in Bangalore and this comes under Bangalore Family court. Thank You