Husband filed dicree for divorce with false allegations

My husband has filed a divorce case mentioning: 1) i have left his house on 10/06/2010 and staying at my father's place (This is false allegation. I have photos in my computers which will show the date of photos taken. Those photos are taken at my inlaws place.Sometimes I was staying at my mother's place that is my office place and sometimes we stay at my husband's place. Till 2012 my husband was staying with me and after that everyday he was coming to my office place. Will all those photos help me out? His father always ask me to give him rent in order to stay at his place. I have the mobile call recorded conversation for this. Will this help me out) 2) I have left our adopted son with him from 10/06/2010 (We have adopted our son on 24/06/2010 with frosters care agreement with the home. Documents are there in my room at my inlaws place ) 3) I hate my inlaws and don't follow the household responsibilities ( False allegations) 4) I am mentally retarded 5) He is bearing my all the expenses and transferring Rs. 5000/- from 2010 through rtgs / neft mentioning the bank account name and number. (Mentioned account name and number and that account has been opened in the year 2012) 6) Since we are staying seperately from 2010 so direct divorce required. (We have visited mumbai , assam in december 2010. and we have visited gangtok in 2014. Hotel booking voucher and bus booking tickets are there with me.) Please advice me what should i do. I donot want to give him divorce. He is not allowing me to meet my child from 15/12/2015 nor he is sending my child to school. Currently where i am staying is my father's place but this property is used as my office and reharssal place for my theatre group I have accepted the registered letter on 15/12/2015 and not taken the summon on 06/01/2016. First date is 13th January. Do I need to present in court on 13th january? What will happen if I will not present there