Fake Allegation

Hi, I am an Importer of Chinese goods in Mumbai. I knew a broker who use to get some deals to me, he cheated a party for 20lacs approximately and this matter the brother in law of the party was also involved. The Entire dealing between them was in cash with no writings at all. After this matter I was called to the Mumbai Crime Branch as the complaint was trying to frame me as well. On my visit to the Crime Branch (Anti-Extortion Cell) I was shocked that the cops were no where interested in what I have to say as my right. I had visited the CB for 10 days as the broker who was the main accuse was abosconding and as per them I was the only lead. They behaved with me as if I have done everything, they tourchered me with all means. On the tenth day of my visit I found the cops got him from some where and on questioning him he said the cops that he had taken only 90k which is owned on the party and I have nothing to do with it. Finally on that day my statement was documented and I signed it. Later I came to knew that even the main accuse was released as he gave some checks to the party as a settlement amount which was 5 checks of 4 lacs. If the broker issued the checks than for sure he had done something wrong but I was out of it. As time passed I also came to knew that those checks were bounced and the checks given by him was of his wife. Finally I was in my business and I asked to broker to get away from my stuff as I am not interested in doing business with him as those 10 days were hell like experience for me. This entire matter happened in May and June. Now on 27th December I have been getting calls from a local police station to meet them regarding this isssue, since I am having a travelling schedule till February I can visits them, I called the CB officer as asked him why is the police station calling me when the entire issue on me was cleared 6 months back, he said that they have forwarded their report to the local police station. Can anyone help me with this? I have nothing to do with this issue, nor do I was present in this deal. What can be done now? The complainant is having good influence with the police that is the reason the entire investigation was done by the Anti-Extortion Cell for the Crime Branch. Can I be arrested in this matter? If yes than what should I do? As per a cop friend he said that the police cannot file any case against me as I am no where involved in the deal and if there was no proof that I have done it with the complainant the AEC would have filed a case but they let me go.