Need some clarification

We have ancestral property from my husband's side. It is my father-in-law's self earned property. My husband has two brothers and no sisters. After my father-in-laws death more than 35 yrs ago my mother in-law got the property. At that time, one of the sons wanted haed cash - aouple of lakhs. My mother in law gave him the cash and willed out the entire property(house) to my husband and one brother, excluding he broher who took money from her. More than 35 yrs ago the house was worth only a few thousand rs. Now it is worth everal crores. The brother whose name is in the title is living in the house built by my father in law. We built a house upstairs. It is in my husband's name. The brother who lives upstairs and whose name is ont on the property is married and divorced. His two children ive with their mother. My question is: Does the brother whose name is not in the Will have a share in the property? Can his children claim a share in the property although he has divorced? Yur clarification is highly appreiated.