Physical , mental Harrasment by Husband and inlaws

Sir/Madam, Good evening. My Husband mentally tortures me and beats me, taunts me for dowry, his mother and sister incites him over phone to treat me ill, he uses foul langauge for my father and family members.Even a single day doesnt pass without mental torture. He threatens me to Kill and says he will send goones to acttack my father, he says he has money and he can esaily get out of jail by paying bribe and buying judges. The situation is so worse that even my children are ascared of him as they witnessed I am being beaten by him. Prsently we are on a short vacation to India. My brief story is as under mentioned. I am a Muslim(Sunni Muslim) female from Southern India. I am an educated woman with BSC Bed husband doesnt permit me to work which I agreed. This is my first marriage, I am Married since 14years got 2sons of 12 and 11 years age respectively and a daughter 6years old. My Husband works in a reputed western company in a Gulf country, I stay with my husband and visit india almost every year for vacation. Our is a arrange marriage we were totally strangers to each other untill we got married with the consent and arrangement by our families. I am the second wife of my husband, he had divorced his first wife prior to marrying me he has a son from his first wife who stays with his mother in europe. Sir, I am so much hurt and my soul has become ill by the daily torture I am facing at the hands of my cruel husband, he treats me in a inhumane way his langauge is too abusive he uses extremely foul langauge, two days back he has beaten me up again and threantend me to kill, I called my father and he brought me to my parental house, my father inlaw misbehaved with my father and warned him that if you are taking your daughter than dont bring her back, my husband was not prsent when my father came to take me. sir i dont want to continue this relationship but my family advices against it. I want to know what are my rights, who will get the custody of my children, am i eligible for maintence money from my husband, I dont want to marry again enough and enough for the so far insults and sufferings. I am educated I can work as a teacher to help broughtup my children, my family promised me they will support financially and give shelter but they are advicing me to return to my husband which i dont want to return any more. Please need your advice, God bless you all.