US Citizen (OCI) divorcing Indian citiizen

I am a US Citizen (also have Overseas Citizenship of India) who married an Indian national in the state of WB around 2+ years back. It was an arranged marriage solemnized as per Hindu rites. Neither of us had much opportunity to interact prior to marriage (possibly barely a month on phone) due to the geographical barrier and time-zone issues. Pretty much from the beginning of the union, incompatibility issues started due to my spouse's mood swings and impetuous nature. However, in good faith I filed for her immigration to US, and she received conditional Permanent Residence status to move here after ~ 16 mths wait. After arriving in US she had major adjustment issues and went back to India after ~ 7 mths or so. Returned after 5+ mths to go back again for a mth or so and now she has again left my house in US and I don't know where she has gone to. Essentially, post marriage we stayed together in India/US combined, around 10 mths, even though in paper the marriage has been for ~ 2.5+ yrs now. Also, even after marriage she has spent pretty much most of her time at her father's house and not at my parent's place (as is usually the custom in India). After her most recent departure, my India based in-laws has raised issues of mental torture, with the threat of filing police complaints in India. In US during her stays here, I tried however to keep her spirits up as best as I could by taking her for trips, movies, wining and dining etc. No police complaint was ever filed by my spouse during her stays with me in US. Since things doesn't look good on the issue of reconciliation, after consultation with my US based attorney, I was advised to file for a divorce at the local US (California) court at the earliest. Questions: 1. Since its evident my in-laws in India will likely file complaints under the Indian legal system, what are my options here to seek dissolution of this marriage in India, since its was in fact registered there? 2. Given the length of this marriage and the time we actually spent together, will my spouse have rights to any property I may have purchased in India prior to my marriage? 3. If my in-laws file any FIR / fabricated complaints to the local police in India, harass my parent there, what are my options in dealing with them, by being in US?