Hi, I got married in the year 2010 to my 2nd person staying in Mumbai, she left me in 2012 and went back to mangalore to her parents place , we don't have kids , her dad called her and said my parents r doing blackmagic but my parents use to stay separate , She is not ready to come back and when I said a letter to her to take a decision or come back now she is demanding 15lakhs I might a simple person staying in a rented house , She is not even ready to divorce and spoil me life as well , kindly help me as it's more than 3 years now she left me , I can't even apply to divorce bcoz as per Indian law if I apply I need to give her alimony which is not possible as I also my papa last year and I stay with my mummy with a low income of 7 to 8 thousand a month , kindly help me bcoz I want to move on in my life , Also in return reply she is also telling me that I had done domestic violence on her and if I don't give her maintenence or alimony she will take legal action in mangalore court but I have never ever raised hand on her ever , Now plc guide me I need help , I need this divorce from her as she is not ready to come Pavan Karkera