Grievance Cell in an Organization

I work as a Manager in a reputed hospital in hyderabad since last 14 years. The management has targeted me and accusing me of harrasing my subordinates. The HR has made my subordinates write some petty complaints against me. The HR has called for Grievance committee meeting and in the meeting my subordinates said clearly that there is no harrassment and sometimes we have some difference of opinion during stressful times. The grievance committee concluded that I should be served with a notice and asked me to accept the letter by signing a copy which ultimately goes into my personal file. As I have not yet accepted the letter, Can I ask the HR to provide me a copy of the Minutes of the meeting of the Grievance committee on the official letterhead with the committee members signature with a conclusion on the basis of which they had taken this decision and a copy of the complaint from my subordinates along with the letter. Please help me in this matter how to move forward. Thank you.