Entitlement of ancestral property for daughters

My father inherited some agricultural land from his father. My father had 2 children. My younger brother and me a, daughter. My father passed away many years back(1990). His will said that half of this land would go to his wife (my mother) and half to my brother according to the then hindu law. In 1995 my brother and mother along with my cousins(their own inherited land) jointly sold part of their land to Mr. X and all of them together also made an unregistered agreement in 1997 that Mr. X would buy the remaining land from them. This Mr. X has so far paid some lakhs only in bits over the years and now my brother does not want to sell this property to him. Mr. X has gone to court over this issue. My brothers children have gone to court now accusing their father of possessing bad habits and wanting their share of the ancestral property! My mother passed away in the year 2012 and did so intestate. My brother has managed to get all this property khata/pani made in his name.This is when the court brought me on record as requested by Mr. X. I have appeared before the judge and asked to transfer the case to the mediation centre. This obviously did not work out with all parties present! My questions are: 1. Am I entitled to any of the property? 2. What would my share be? 3. Do I have any liabilities to pay back any money received by my mother and brother from Mr.X? 4. Can my brother sell of the property on his own? 5. What do I do? Please advice.