My wife and her family threntening to file false dowry & dv case

I was married in 2014. From 2014 itself my wife is not living with me in a proper way. She is not treating me as her husband. She is using me as husband only to show the society that she is married. She is using me for fulfilling her financial needs and for social status only. From the year of my marriage most of the time she is staying with her parental family without my permission and my wish. At any occasion she always uses to celebrate with her parental family and she does n`t want to make any type of contact with my parental family. And from last one years she avoids my parental family and my society, even not talking to my parents or my relatives. She and her parental family specially her mother constantly making pressure on me to break all the relation with my parents and relatives and forcing me to keep relation only with them. They are also threatening me to ruin my carrier and life if I have not obeyed them. Her brother have threatened to beat me if I will not fulfil all needs of his sister. After filling a complaint in our ward councillor against her brother , he stopped it. But still my wife is misbehaving with me and my parents all the way, not doing house work. Most of the time she is lying on the bed and sleeping or chatting with friends or playing games on phone. If I interrupt her, she fight with me all the way and threatening me to lodge dowry and home violence case against me, if I interfere in her life style and other things. She is not doing any house work except cooking easy and short cut food. Now she and her mother are torturing me in a planned way. She triggered me in a planned way to have fight with her and called police, filled complaint against me and went with her mother to her house with all her belongings. Now she is forcing me to give divorce in a planned way or let live as she wants. Please suggest me what to do in this situation.