My mother in law and my husband mentally torture me

Earlier we all have been staying in a joint family at the time of my marriage.. The members of our family were my father in law, mother in law, sister in law, her husband and two children, my husband and me. Since the first day my mother in law has been torturing me of me being middle class and not providing me with any finances. Even during my pregnancy my sister in law and her family with my mother in law had been physically n mentally torturing me. My sister in laws husband is ghar jamai so he has been breaking doors of our part of house to enter it when i was all alone. The kids had been taught to throw shoes on my tummy when i was 7 minths pregnant. I beared it all. After 4 yrs to our marriage suddenly my father in law expired. He was chronic drunkard but the best sensible man in the house. After his demise things worsened as my mother in law and sister in law started abusing me verbally which i could not take any more as my son was growing up so i took a step of moving out of that house. My husband accompanied me realising how partial his mom was. As per my father in laws will most of the property was given to my husband and that aggrevated my mother in law as she wanted herself and her daughter to be the owner to all. Since then drifts are on. Its been 4 years since we have separated, but my mother in law preffered to stay with my sister in law and her husband in our house. We had to leave our big house in their hands and shift to a conparitively smaller one. I am fine with that but my husband feels that he was snatched away from his rights.. Now my mother in law wants more property from us.As i am against it so she started making false claims of my character to my husband. He is of weak mind and as consulted by my family relative who is a doctor., its poven that he is under depression. Because of being suppressed by his mother as she was too deviated towards her jamai..-and did not give my father in laws business to my husband but gave it to her jamai, so my husband is sufferin frm derpression since then. Takin it to her benefit, my mother in law started pinning my husband and making him doubt me for my character. And he got into their trap. He stopped giving me my personal expenses for which i had to start working. Since the last few months many family members have come and explained them, but my mother in law does not allow my husband and me to get on good terms. And now as my mother in law is thrown out by her jamai from their house, he is emotionally blackmailing my husband of being lonely and has enetered my house and abuses me and my child continuously. She doesnt allows my husband to give me any personal expenses and i have to work and get my needful done. What should i do.. I am tired of this mental stress. Please suggest me.