Partnership Issue : Position of House

Hi Team , Great that finally I found a online website to post my concern .Hope I get suggesstion from your side . My father with two other partners i.e.Total of 3 partners ( A , B and C ) have started a Partnership Firm back in 1990 . In this Partnership Firm ( A and B) each have 40 percent share and C have only 20 Percent share . They have purchased three properties on the name of this paternership Firm back in 1985. There are three Properties out of which - one property is LAND , second property is House of 89 Sq yards and third property is Land. The partner C who is having 20 percent share is currently residing in the House since 1995 and my father did not worry much of them staying and we are paying rent staying in rented flat since 1995 however we would like to stay in the house so we can save rent money . Currently we are not having any house for us and we would also like to stay in the house . However when I asked my father he said we cannot get inside directly as they are staying there since 1995 . I have few questions here ? How can I go ahead and stay in that house in my father 40 percent share as we do not have any house now ? What kind of case , I need to keep in order to take position of the house i.e. 40 Percent ? How long will it take for us to get the verdict if I keep the case in next one month ? How will court decide which part of house belongs to me ? What is the procudure I need to follow to win this case ? - Please do the needful .