Property Partition and Domestic Violence

I have 3 points to ask: 1. Property partition- After my grandfather's death(grandmother is alive),my paternal uncle has played a trick and emotionally tortured my father to sign on the will. But my mother & I oppose this, what steps can I take to get our right back into our ancestral property? 2. We have been living in a rented house and now we have to evacute that house as it is sold. We have been living there since 35 years and lightbill(my father's name) & tax(grandfather's name) is paid by my father.So now my uncle is claiming that he has the right on the money we will get for the evacuation of the house. He is also emotionally torturing my father.How shall I stop this? 3. Domestic Violence- Due to above issue, my mother has called my uncle to talk but then he started to abuse my mother in a very pathetic way which leaded my mother to hit him. So on the otehr day itself,he then brought his wife, son and grandmother to beat my mother and they beated my mother. But my father is afraid of filling any legal case/FIR. I am her daughter who is adult but don't know how shall I fight for the injustice my mother is facing? Could you please guide me in this case? I want to file a legal case on my uncle but don't want to drag my father in court for all these as he has fear of court. I will be grateful to you if you help me in this.