Land partition

Dear Sir, My case is as follows: My Grand Father had 2 sons and 4 sisters .out of six children only two are alive ,one is my uncle and another is my Anty. My Grandfather has a peice of land of 11 acer in our village,after his death in 1984 this land is mututed in his sons name .i.e. My father and my Uncle and all the land records were in both brother's name.In year 2003 my father pass away and he has two son,so by putting his death certificate to Tahasil office our names are incorporatedin this land. Now this land having 4 owner names in land record i.e.,My mother,myself,my younger brother and my Uncle. And also My Grandfather has purchased another piece of land which is around 24 acer in the name of my father when my father was 12 year old, Many Parts of this land get sell to different people time to time, and presently only 5 acer land is remain with us.This land is now in the name of my mother ,myself and my brother as my father is no more. Now i want to partition of land which consist of my uncle's name ,so i had putted Application to Nayab Tahsildar for the partition. As per application we have given to tahsildar to partition our land and want to make two different documents, one of ours and other is of my Uncles. This application given to tahsildar in the month of Feb 2015 and My Uncle ignoring all the communication to came to tehsil office for the same. After giving notice by tahsildar then he use to came there and put there reply in the month of July 2015.In the reply he want all land in his name only (i.e. 11 acer + 5 acer ) as he says that you sell your land and the remaining land is his only. And also my Aunty puts her objections for partition and want there parts . After this I had given application to tahsildar in the month of Aug 2015 stated that My Uncle is not given reply as per subject which is the current land partition and My Aunty had not given objection as per date decided by Istihar,so that please isshue order of partition. By taking care of our application Tahsildar given 3 months time period to My uncle and My Aunty to go to civil court and take the court decision and also said that if they fail to go to court within 3 months he will isshue order for partition. After completion of 3 month on 24/11/2015 when I reach to tehsil office I came to know that the previous tahsildar get transferred and here there is new nayab tahsildar is there,and also My uncle deputed new lawyer for this case and taken time for one month. After one month on 21/12/2015 the Lawyer of My uncle taken permission for study of case for another one month that is my next date is 25/01/2016. When I put my views regarding partition in front of nayab tehsildar, now he wants all Registries of this land and also the land whichever I have, regardless this case have no connection with other land of ours. So, Now I am not able to make decisions what I have to do, coz I had not been concerned any advocate for legal suggestion. And situation is not understandable to me since My uncle changing his lawyer twice and My unty (living in Delhi)also engage one lawyer to put her side. Sir,Please help me to resolve this problem. Thanks And Regards, Rahul Wasule [deleted]/[deleted]