Section 354 b including Atrocity

Dear Sir. We have a land dispute going on with our neighbors who belong to schedule cast . We have filed a petition in the civil court for the same 1 year back. and the matter is under order for the same. During this period of last 1 year the opponent have made several complaints against us to accuse our family members and relatives under Atrocity. but we had all time produced counter proof of our non presence at the sit in police station. we have also lodged some complaint to local police station about the the intention of our neighbors to wrongly put us in trouble. On 19th June 2014 to our bad luck they got success in their intention as there was a fight between my 2 Aunty , Her Daughter and 2 sons with them. the came in our primisis and fought with them . my aunty was injured and was sent to civil hospital by the police but police did not register the complaint and accepted the complaint filed by the opponent under section 354b, 114, 337,504 and atrocity 3(1)(2)(3)(10)(11) . currently my aunty her doughter and 2 sons are under judicial custody and the primary court has rejected the bail plea. we have approached sessions court for the bail . we have all evidence that the event has taken place in our premises but police has done wrong punchnama in which the location of event is in neighbours premises. also along with some of their friends they have filed and wrong affidavit in court about the happening please advice