I am a Hindu and I got married on Nov 1991. I am working in a private organization and she is a state government employee. She had left from my house on Feb 2001. In this 9 years period, we had a lot of fights were happening between us and fighting in front of children is horrible & they are so much afraid. We got two sons, one son is with me and another son is with her I had filed a divorce petition on June 2001 but she put restitution petition. This was dragged up to Sep 2004. I was not able to attend the hearing on Sep 2004 due to office work load that my case was dismissed. I was not interested to marry anyone because of my son, but my son died by accident on 1 Aug 2013. I am completely collapsed now. Unless if I am not married anyone it is very difficult to live otherwise my life is almost ended. I was living alone in the past 15years and now I am not able to live alone even a single day. Everyday I am always thinking about my son and really so much pain. I started to search alliance, but they are asking Divorce paper. I am really very tired to go to the court file the case once again and I don’t know how long they will drag my case. She is not accepting for mutual and her advocate is her brother’s classmate so that her advocate was also not accepted for mutual on 2004. My advocate told me in 2004 that you can marry anyone in the temple without any proof and buy assets on a second wife. Whoever becomes my life partner I want to give full respect and I want to tell everybody she is my wife. I don’t like to marry illegally. Also, my 40 to 50% of my assets should go to my second son after my death, but I am not interested to give any money for my second son’s mother’s name she can enjoy with that asset. I have resigned my job on March 2015. I am not happy with my life so that I don’t like to work or go any other job Suppose anyone wants to marry me without divorce, whether myself and my newly married wife will face problems? Please advise me how to marry and how to proceed with my life? Nakkeeran