Grounds for seperation/divorce

Hi, I am 36 years old and have been married for about 13 months now. I am a working professional in an pvt IT firm and my wife is a lecturer [government servant] in a college. Since the day of marriage my wife is misbehaving and making false acquisitions on my parents like shouting at her for using the toilet batroom for long, not allowing to use washing machine, not allowing to cook her likes etc. At first i did not interfere into the mother in law & daughter in law conflicts. However when it got beyond control i interfered and noticed that she is making false acquisitions. She was a pampered at her moms place and was not expected or didnt involve in daily chores at her moms place. Her expectations are to have a servant for all the daily chores. She keeps the rotis half cooked, does not wash my clothes, she is extremely bad in personal hygiene [does not wash her clothes for a week or 2, come back from work and gets into bed without washing her hands and feet, her wardrobe is always messed up, our bedroom is always messed up] Since marriage we have had conflicts and we have tried involving her mom and brother [Father has passed away when she was 10] but they tend to overlook her mistakes and ask us to adjust and forget her past behaviour. On 5-6 past such occasions the outcome of family meetings is the same and most of the times after such meetings she goes to her moms place and stays there for 15-45 days. On multiple occassions she has demanded to stay seperate from my parents and i have disagreed for the same. After our last conflict she went to hers moms place inspite of me stopping her and has not returned since the past 45 days. Now she has sent me a message stating that she is being mentally tortured by my parents and i support team and if i dont make a decision she will take further steps. Can she file for a diviorce and positively get the same on these grounds? If she files for a divorce can she claim alimony/maintenance. Please suggest what is should do further.