Right of an ailing son in fathers property

My father has properties in abundance. I m the elder son. Have 2 younger siblings - one sister one brother. All the properties are earned by my father. Nothing inherited. - few properties are in my name solely - few properties in joint name with my brother. - a house in fathers name - another house in mothers name. - few properties were bought in my name when I was a student only. Still they are in my name. - few properties bought when I got married and my brother too became 18 year old. Those properties are in joint name with my brother. - all original documents are with my father and mother. - the properties in my name are on rent and every month rent comes. - I have never claimed for rent ever as I was also earning. - I got married and my wife was also earning - then I suffered from liver cirrhosis and huge expenditure started occurring on my medical. - I stopped earning because of my health. - in between our son was also born. - my wife started bearing all expenses including my treatment and raising our son. - my parents refused to spend even a single penny. - my wife had to mortgage her jewellery as well for paying my medical bills. - my younger brother has fed in my orients and wants to own all property. I m still not earning and I have a son and all burden is on my wife. The medical expenses are beyond my wife's income to afford. What can I do in this situation. When I ask my parents to give me some financial support , they refuse. And now? They are asking us to leave the house as well. I need to know my rights to the property as son Please advise.