Consumer issue

Dear sir This is the case of brand new two wheeler fell down in to the ground when i kept using side stand I purchased brand new two wheeler Honda shine 125cc year 2012 the problem is when i taken the vehicle 1 st day after registration the same day evening when i kept the vehicle by using side stand the vehicle fell down to the ground immediately i was total shocked and confused and taken the vehicle from ground and seen there is a bend in fork and foot peg (footrest) and again happened 2nd day i am more confused the 3rd day i went to show room and called the manager and told him that when i kept with using side stand the vehicle falls down please check he replied it is not possible to fell down when kept in side stand and he laughed and showed see all the vehicle in the service center kept with side stand only my be you kept loose soil then again i asked is there any technical chances happening like this he replied no chance.i went again 3 time after 2 days my doubt starts here and checked the vehicle totally 7 times happened. i have done my self research and found there is a manufactured defect in vehicle finally i found there is a design defect in vehicle it took 1 year . complaint not solved by the customer care 2.I spoke to Honda manufactured co India 3.this is the technical case they replied it is not possible Finally i have done after my research i found the answers scientifically and technically more then 20 times i spoke to them and mailed official complaint everything i have done no response what can i do please reply