How to convince father

Im 25years old. abt 1.5yrs ago there was an arguement related to my marriage bt i wante to marry the guy i love. my marriage got fixed with sm other guy without my consent after 2months of fight and all the violence my dad agreed only because i ran away. but then the guys family refused. now after 1.5yrs, we got the news that the guy has convinced his family and they r ready. my dad took abt a month to think abt this matter and then he agreed. both the families had meeting and his family was very firm on religion point that i'll have to leave my religion completely. this made my dad angry and provoked him to say things which he should nt have like some of our guruji has said that wherever our daughter will go she will change there religion. none of the families was ready to compromise. then we took 2days time and then we agreed. but now his family is like how cn we bring such girl who will convert our religion into hers in years to come. so they have said NO. now all my family members are like dad should go and apologize but dad is saying tht wait for few days they will come back. i am confused. what to do.