Where to complaint against harassing landlord?

Hello Sir, V r tenants in a rented bldg and our landlord has fradulently obtained permission to break the bungalow adjacent to our bldg with a common wall. Last week (25th December) v tried to lodge a FIR against him as we feared he would damage our common wall. But the police seemed to take things lightly and just took our hand written com[plaint. On Sunday 27th December a part of our common wall was damaged which has a beam going into our bedroom walls. The MC and police told him not to use the JCB machine and break his side with hand tools. Sir today 31st December he started using JCB machine and has caused tremendous damage to our common wall as well broken our water pipeline and water meter as well the water pump electric connection. We would like to seek advice from your learned self as to what legal action can be taken against the landlord/police / BMC. He had filed a suit in Bandra small cause Court for the eviction of our house as he could not convince us to vacate our house (staying since 35 yrs.) with the petty sum he offered. He has taken to this way of harassing us. There are many senior citizens in our bldg who are going through mental harassment.