PSB-PO,didn attend induction,17 days worked,bond payable?

Respected Advocates, I joined a PSU Bank H.Q at hydrebad as HR Probationary Officer. i got permission frm bank & didnt attend induction program at staff college due to my sister's engagement. I was asked to directly join at HO where i was given mere instructions under the name of training for a week then sent to Zonal office for posting.Though there were vacancies in my home state Zonal offices for HR Officer, I was sent to this largest Zonal office of the bank, where work load was too heavy for fresher to handle and most employees speak only telugu. after working with the bank for 17 days due to viral infection and family circumstances I remained on leave on loss of pay for 3 months. I cited my family circumstances & requested a posting in any place which has airport facility. there was no reply. few days back I submitted resignation. HR Department is asking me to pay 2lacs for indemnity bond and also serve 3 months notice period. I havent attended the training at staff college nor did i recieve single penny from bank as salary (they didn even give the travel re imbursement for travel frm HO to ZO).. isnt it an unfair usage of the rules to exploit an employee.. I implore you to give me suggestions on how can I reduce/waive the amount payable, if not the reduce/waive amount atleast waive the notice period... thank you.