Sir/Mam, I am a 28 year old divorced male. My marriage is short lived. My parents wanted me to get married ,and we started seeing a bride .My choice was a divorced girl whose marriage should also be a short lived one. Luckily we found a girl of my choice , and when enquired both our families liked each other and a date a set for our marriage. The real issue is that, she didn't receive her divorce yet ,the reason being that her X was already married and has a child of 7 years old.His previous marriage was a registered one but the second was not registered. But after knowing this truth she came back home and the girls family filed an FIR , since he has all the money and jewels the girls family gave him. When enquired a lawyer regarding divorce. , he had adviced that, her marriage is not valid since he has been married previously , and she is ok for remarriage. My parents feel that it would be good of the girl has all the papers to avoid issues in the future. Note; all are catholic christians. And the guy us living with his old family. Please advice