Divorce during pregnancy

Hello sir, i am a working woman with decent salary. I got married 2yrs back, arranged marriage,with dowry and a grand ceremony. My husband works far off place and promised to get a transfer to city where i live. My Mil and Sil are very involved into my married life and constantly influence my husband. He too obeys them till date. My Sil is a widow with her deceased husband's state govt job and 2 kids. Despite very good income she and her 2nd husband depend on my husband financially which he supports. My husband has a handicap elder brother who is single. My problem is my Mil ans Sil constantly from 2 yrs have bankrupt me and my parents. I being only daughter as constantly harassed mentally and by abusive language by my husband. The family does not want children from me and i was aborted once due to my husband's force. They want us to live with my Sil's kids. Now that i am pregnant for second time he forced an abortion again and i left his home. He harassed me and my parents physically following which i filed section 498/a. No action was taken and we were called for counselling where i explained my situation and said i will proceed for divorce. All the time during our courtship, my husband would visit me only once a week and that too with his mother's consent. My husband takes all money from me, spends for them and now they are demanding additional dowry. I have been through hell and dont want to continue my marriage. Being pregnant can i get divorce from him and also my child's full custody? Also can i file a case against my Sil for doing a second marriage and forcing her kids responsibilities on me? Though my Bil also abused me verbally i did not mention him in my police complaint on humanity grounds. Is this a mistake? Please advise how to proceed further to get separated successfully with my future child. I dont want him to see my child's face also. I am also looking for financial settlement from him at once.