Buying an Agricultural Land

Hi , I am basically an Engineer and resident of Bangalore . I am interested in doing the farming and After reading the law, I came to know that, I cannot buy the agricultural land in my name. I am just giving below a brief background so you can help me if my Mother / Grandmother can purchase the land in her name? My Grandfather ( Fathers -Father) was an agriculturist and in Year 1960 he died and My father was very young at that stage so the agricultural land which he was holding went to some landlords where he had taken some loan . We don't have any documentation regarding those lands. My Mothers Parents were also agriculturist they had agricultural land in their name. My Grandmother (Mothers side) had 10 acres land which she sold in 1987 and my Grandfathers agricultural land was acquired for Kabini Water projects for which the case for compensation is still going on in Mysore Court. My Grandfather is no more so only my Grandmother is fighting this case with help of my Mother. There is a clause that, the land buyer’s family income (income from non-agricultural source) should not be more than 2 Lakhs. My Mother is House wife and Father is retired Employee in Private Company and he was filing his IT returns till 2012 when he was in service . But now his income is only PF pension ( 1200/1500 / month ) and FD income ( Within 2 Lakh/Annum) . As per the law “Family” refers to minor son or unmarried daughter, I am the elder son & Married and i have an younger Brother who will get married in next 6 months. 1. So can my Mother purchase an agricultural land in her name as her Mother / father are Agriculturist ? 2. Or Can my Grandmother buy agricultural land and later can transfer to my Mother via will or as a gift deed or by virtue of Legal heir ? Please note My grandmother income is only getting half the pension of my Grandfather and she dosent file any IT returns ( This is well within 2 Lakh limit ) If its in my Mothers name she can transfer to me and my brother any time. Please advice your suggestions for the same. Thanks in Advance