Hi i am a male got married in 2011 since then my wife working in her native gulbarga she was visiting now and then to my house at mysore in holidays i conveyed her find job in mysore and stay here only otherwise we seek separation she keep on manipulating the relations as well emotions in june 2014 she back to mysore forcefully entered my home with her brothers and many others and apologized for past happenings and given in written that here afterwords she will stay permanently with me and will not stay in her native more than three days. in august she got conceived i took her care max my level best still she making issues when i go out of station on duty mean while i applied for better job and got job in tamil nadu govt. and initially she accepted to come and on receiving appointment order she refused to come . i didnt wanted to pressurize her during pregnancy so i let her go to her home beginning she told she will back 3 months after delivery then she told after 5 months then when my family members went her to take back she told when i feel i will come now not possible. she want to just maintain relation not interested to stay completely with me i fed up with this . i want divorce from here shee says we will take mutual divorce actually she is not ready for that she dont want stay peacefull and not ready to give divorce also presently i am staying in with my friend again this time she is planning to come to my work place forcefully stay with me can you plz guide me what should i do now