Domestic violence

Sir\mam I had suffered from domestic violence since yrs. My elder brother had beaten me my mother and his wife lots of time. No body in the family has been able to control him. They have given up on him. His behaviour had been getting more and more violent yr by yr. He had beaten me with punches, kicks, slaps, pulled my hair, hit me with slippers. This had happens lot of time. But we all had been tolerating and ignoring the situation, assuming that it might not happen again. Even few days back he hit me and his wife. But then I called the police. But even that day i was forced and pressurised to take back the complain by one of my extended family member and a friend of my father. Even the police officer was not listening to my complaint and forcing me to take back my complaint. So I had to finally take back my complaint, because even if had filed the complaint, my family would have bailed my brother sooner or later. And there was a possibility that my brother wid have become more violent because of the embarrassment and suffering had he would have faced in police lock up. So ultimately there is no permanent solution for this problem. Because I had to live in this house because I don't have anywhere else to go. If I had some money or I would have been independent then I might have been in a better position to help myself. So now I had decided to look for job and be independent, but even now my family is against me doing job, my father threaten me when he comes to know that I want to do job. He verbally abuses me. He once even said that he would kill me if I will go out of the house and do a job. So please kindly help me and tell what I can do about this situation and help me out.