Scammed Online

My Uncle got scammed in Nigerian Scam i.e. 419 Scam. He has been scammed of about 30 lacs. The con-man at the last gave black USD which is the general case of Nigerian 419 Scam. At the last, to clean the black notes, they said to collect 3 lakh worth of 1000 Indian Notes. And they tainted the Indian Notes with some chemicals. Then they didn't make any contact. Now my uncle went to Reserve Bank Bhopal to redeem those 3 lakhs Indian notes. But the bank out of suspicion called Crime Branch bhopal. They arrested my uncle and filed a FIR of Fake Indian currency. Then the crime branch investigated the Notes in the forensic lab and the notes were proved to be fake. Now these notes were changed by the Scammers and now uncle is in the Prison on account of Publishing Fake Indian Currency. Until now we have not reported about the scam that has happened with him. We have already applied for the bail petition which was declined. We have all the evidence of all the conversation happened through emails and all the bank receipt that was sent to the scammers account. We would like to have your generous consultancy on this case. Whether we should tell about the real scam that has happened? And how we will get the bail?