Tenant not vacting property

Here is a series of events with my tenant: * Agreement expired in March 2015 - the tenant continues to occupy the property * between March '15 to Nov '15 we tried negotiating on rent - tenant did not agree even for lower than market rent so finally in aug '15 we gave 2 months notice as per the expired agreement. * no reply on the date of vacating the tenant ; they now agree to pay rent but we are not interested to renew agreement. * notice has been issued to them alongside a caveat notice in dec '15 - time given to tenant is 31st dec. My questions are:(I intend to create some pressure on the tenants as they work in the corporate world and would not be able to afford the name and shame pressure( my assumption) #1 ) I want to approach the State electricity board with a copy of the notice stating asking the board not to accept any electric bill payment from the tenant - can I do that? what are the cautions I should take ? #2 ) I want to approach the apartments association and maintenance office with a copy of the notice asking them to treat the tenants are illegal occupants. can I do this ? What support can I legally ask the association