Society Membership

I have purchased a flat in a building in Goa in 2007. All the legal procedures including sale deed was done except the electricity is still in the name of the previous owner. I have never lived in this flat as I am a NRI. About 2 hours later after I bought the flat, people living in the building formed a Society. All these year whenever I passed by to have a look at the place I did not noticed any maintenance or anything of the building. Now that I am presented with a calculation which I have to pay for all these years, where I have not even opened the flat. I am not even member of this society. When I asked they told me that the membership is in the previous owners name and I have to settle all the dues which is about Rs.60,000/-. If I don't settle this I would not get a NOC to sell it. Now my question is I have registered my flat with the Sub-Registrar and paid for all the stamp duty. Am I responsible to pay for the society fees for the services I have never used? Do I really need the NOC from them if I have to sell it? Is it compulsory to be a member of the Society if you don't need any services? Appreciate your feedback. Best Regards Satish