False information provided before marriage

Hello I got married in May, 2012 at Kerala. But I was settled in Mumbai. My husband and inlaws are also from Kerala and settled in Dubai. It was an arrange marriage. I also flew down to Dubai after couple of months of our marriage on residential visa. In November 2012, I flew back to India alone for a wedding. I found out that I was pregnant. So I did not travel back to Dubai as per our doctor's instructions. Things started to change from thereon. My husband started behaving very badly with me. Fights started for almost no reason. I flew back to Dubai in March 2013. It was the worst phase of my life. My inlaws and brother in law started abusing and harassing me. Everyday there used to be fights and they used to verbally abuse me. I was 5 months into my pregnancy and it was tortured very badly. I informed my parents back home and within one month I was back home in India. Things started to change post that. My husband started behaving normally with me. After I delivered, he came down and met our baby and left. After a month, we had a fight on the phone. Post that, he kind of stopped all communications with me. He stopped picking up calls but continued using abusive langauge on whatsapp. He used to threaten me that he will divorce me and take away our child from me. I did not inform my parents for a long time. He did not take us back to Dubai. He kept on telling various lies about visa issues. When finally my parents got to know about his behavior, my father contacted his father regarding this. His father kept on calming us telling that he will change. Wait for a few months. There was a new lie every week. It been almost a year and there are no signs of any change from his side or his parents side. We found out that they had lied to us about a lot of things before marriage. We had many common relatives but none of them had mentioned about all this to us. All the information provided to us were wrong. My inlaws and husband are still in Dubai itself. I'm fed up of this relationship and I want to get separated. But at the same time want to file a complaint against my inlaws and brother in law for torturing me when I was pregnant. Kindly suggest how to go about it.